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Our therapists offer in-person counseling in St. Louis & Chicago. And online therapy for all residents in Missouri and Illinois.

How We Can Help You

Up to this point in your life, you’ve been able to problem-solve any issue that has come up. There are times that have been easier to do than others, but you’ve still been able to rely on yourself to “fix” whatever it is.

But now, you can’t figure out how to feel better. You’ve tried your usual tricks and tips. They’ve barely moved the needle.

Maybe you know what changed in your life that you’re feeling this way and maybe you don’t. What you do know is this: you’re done feeling this way. You accept it no longer.

Are you seeking a therapist who listens but also helps? Someone who won’t just sit back and let you talk and talk without seeming to offer any input.

Someone who also doesn’t just share about themselves and leave you feeling like “This is that counseling process everyone raves about?” Someone who will pull up a seat and actually offer a way forward.

We will help you start living the life you’ve been longing for!

What You Want to Achieve

You’re looking for real steps that make an action-plan. You want tools to help with the “now” but you also want to build a skill set you can rely on in the future.

At the same time, you’re seeking some deeper conversation: clarity of values; stronger sense of self; understanding of how events of the past have brought you to where you are today.

Most of all, you want therapy because you want to feel better. To come home to yourself. To live a life of fulfillment, internal calm, and happiness.

You can see a life on the other side of that process.

A life where you wake up feeling capable and ready for the day. A life where you feel confident in your ability to manage stressors and hardships. A life where your relationships with others are healthy and satisfying. A life where your relationship with yourself is full of acceptance, understanding, and esteem.

You’re ready for this life because you know it will feel good.

We believe you deserve that. And you can achieve that. Let’s get started together.

How to Start Therapy

Icon message, representing step one: "Reach out to Marble Wellness".

1. Reach out to Marble Wellness

Give us a call or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. Our Client & Project Coordinator will get you set up with a good match on our team, and talk first appointment details.

Icon two people meeting, representing step two: "Meet with one of our therapists".

2. Meet with one of our therapists

Our team has advanced training and a variety of specialties. We will partner with you to create a plan to help you overcome what’s been keeping you stuck, and help you start to move forward.

Icon heart, representing step three: "Start to live happy and calm again".

3. Start to live happy and calm again

Whether it’s in-person or online therapy, you and your therapist will use their skills and your strengths to help you start to live the life you’ve been longing for.

Meet Our Team

Photo of Kristi Machica, Clinical Director & Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness

Clinical Director & Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Whitney Griggs, MSW, LCSW, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Skyler Martin, MSW, LMSW, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Angela Noll, M.A., PLPC, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Heidi Hubbard, LPC, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Cara Peroutka, M.A, PLPC, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Nicole Rhodes, LCSW, Therapist in St. Louis at Marble Wellness.

Therapist in St. Louis

Photo of Kim Ritchie, Client & Project Coordinator at Marble Wellness.

Client & Project Coordinator

Photo of Stephanie Korpal, M.Ed., LPC-S, Owner and Therapist in St. Louis and Chicago at Marble Wellness.

Owner & Therapist in St. Louis and Chicago

What Our Clients Say

As a postpartum doula, Marble Wellness is one of my top referrals for my clients who are seeking a therapist. Their entire team is passionate about and well-trained in maternal mental health, and their therapists are caring, kind, and supportive. The practice is very well-run so I fully trust that my clients will have a positive experience from their first email or phone call. Highly recommend!
Kathleen Robbins
Kathleen Robbins
17 May 2024
I have had the privilege of collaborating with Stephanie Korpal, owner of Marble Wellness, for several years now. I know first-hand the level of attention, commitment, and care she takes to deliver stellar mental health services in her community. It is truly refreshing in healthcare to witness how it can be done differently. If you looking for quality counseling in St Louis or Chicago, Marble Wellness is your first and only stop!
Dayna Wood
Dayna Wood
19 January 2024
Steph is a committed therapist with an excellent caring team. Highly recommend!
Anna Saviano
Anna Saviano
30 October 2023
Skyler Martin provided me with exceptional support over the course of a year as I navigated through addiction and family issues. From the very beginning, Skyler created a non-judgmental and open environment that allowed me to feel truly comfortable sharing my deepest concerns. His treatment methods were effective, and he actively listened to my issues, offering valuable insights. It did take some time, but his dedication and guidance left a lasting impact on my life. The strong rapport and comfortability in our sessions were remarkable. While it can be challenging to gauge a therapist's empathy, I genuinely believe Skyler was empathetic and deeply committed to helping me. I would highly recommend Skyler Martin to anyone seeking support; he is a compassionate and skilled therapist who has made a significant positive difference in my life.
Kosta Nugumanov
Kosta Nugumanov
16 October 2023
I consider Mr. Skyler as one of my closest friends, after he walked me through the beginning of my recovery in 2021. He is an amazing listener, a critical thinker, and taught me how to find my way to a heather, more gratifying life. If it wasn't for this man I know I would be helpless fighting my addictions. I love hearing from him to this day and genuinely can not thank him enough. I would recommend him 110% to anyone looking to better themselves. Love you Sky dog. -Josh
Joshua Hintz
Joshua Hintz
9 October 2023
Skyler Martin is a good man who speaks truth in kindness, never passes judgement, but makes space for everyone at the table, and yet still does not budge from holding fast to what is right. It is a delicate, difficult task to listen and guide someone who is hurting, but he mastered that skill long ago. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone
Mylhan Myers
Mylhan Myers
7 October 2023
The team at Marble Wellness is professional and caring. From the first call, our family felt like we were in good hands. Highly recommend!
Brandon Robbins
Brandon Robbins
17 August 2023
Cara is fantastic. Easy to chat with, good listener who offers solid insights.
Ken Carrothers
Ken Carrothers
1 August 2023
Cara Peroutka has helped me immeasurably. She was able to listen and offer perspectives that I had not considered. Her caring and thoughtful approach is exactly what I needed.
Bret Corbett
Bret Corbett
1 August 2023
Knowing Heidi as a colleague, I can attest that her offering of “walk and talk” sessions is a return to the self-care roots of connection to people and nature.
Mariah Logan
Mariah Logan
26 July 2023

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